Enter Day 4 of the 12 Days of Giveaways

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Earlier today I wrote that the owner of The French Laundry restaurant is thinking about adding on a hotel, and has even purchased the nearby inn.

Much as I love the idea I don’t think I’d realistically end up staying at the property. It does sound very convenient to stay so close to the restaurant, and the thought of room service or breakfast is intriguing. As a standalone boutique hotel there probably wouldn’t be any points redemption options for a stay though.

Nightly rates would undoubtedly be quite high as there would only be a few rooms in an extremely desirable (and pricey) location. Plus, I’d want to enjoy dinner at the restaurant too as that is half the fun. At an average of $400 per person for dinner alone (according to the French Laundry website), I just don’t think I’d value the experience highly enough to couple the expensive dinner with the expensive hotel stay.

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Some might argue that both the meal and stay combined would be unique, and maybe ideal for a foodie or to celebrate a special occasion.

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Today is Day 4 of Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways.

To enter today’s contest for a chance at iTunes gift cards, airline pajamas, or travel swag galore, let me know in the comments below if you would try out the hotel + dinner at The French Laundry or think the hotel plus dinner experience just wouldn’t be worth it, or that you’d like to be the recipient of today’s contest prize.

If you’re just joining now at Day 4 of the Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways, the prizes in the contest are fun and travel related. They include a couple GoGo 25 use Internet passes, USPS boxes stuffed with first class airline pajamas, and more!

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Today’s Magic of Miles contest ends at 9pm PST tonight so get those entries in. Click here to read full contest details, and good luck!

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  1. I walked past first class on the way out of the plane….often staring at the slippers they give them….and wanting to swipe them!

    Please consider my request to win the internet pass and PJ’s!

    Thanks and wishing you a billion miles in 2018!!

  2. I would totally try out the hotel and dinner. My husband and I are quite the travelers and we seriously need a vacation as we have been working so hard lately.

  3. Why not, if I’m making the trip, it should be the entire night — hotel would need to live up to the expectations though

  4. Would only stay at the hotel if it was non-smoking, offered free breakfast, and free wi-fi. Actually at the price they would probably charge, even if they accommodated my three requirements for selecting a hotel, I would probably pass. But one never does know. I have ended up doing many things in life that I never planned or expected I’d do.

  5. I am sure that I would not personally pay for the experience. I would rather spend the same amount of money for a few days in France or something like that. If somehow it was offered to me (stranger things have happened) and I could stay for little or no cost, then I would be happy to do it.

  6. The Inn at Little Washington has a similar set up. The meal is amazing but so expensive you can’t afford to stay there too.

  7. Had dinner at French Laundry several years ago and it lived up to its reputation. Would definitely go back but would probably pass on the hotel just because it would be so expensive.

  8. I’m personally not a huge fan of chef tasting menus but I definitely see the allure here – for a really special occasion this would be a fantastic experience.

  9. I could see splurging on that…but my wife and I would probably want to hang around the kitchen to pick up some culinary tips..

  10. Would definitely stay at the hotel near the French Laundry restaurant. Dining at Keller’s restaurant is expensive but if you can spare the money, it is an amazing experience

  11. I think that I would spend the money to splurge for the restaurant. Truly a special experience and there are so many other great places to stay that aren’t too far.

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