Hotel Review: Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center

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The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center is a great place to stay during a layover. Since it is the only hotel located directly inside Schiphol airport, you don’t even have to walk outside. I arrived recently on a day that was cold and wet, which made this location even more convenient.

Once through customs, I followed signs for hotels and trains, and on the right side just before the doors to the outside was an escalator. Once at the top it was just a short walk along the hallway to the Sheraton on the left side.


The lobby was busy with activity, but it didn’t take too long to get up to the front desk for check-in. I had booked a regular room, but as a Starwood Platinum I was given a suite.


There was free wifi in the lobby, and there were little seating areas arranged next to the door that led directly to a coffee shop.


Taking the glass-walled elevator up to the 5th floor, I could see the Voyager restaurant  below.


There were vending machines on each floor, and they didn’t just offer the regular items In addition to sodas and chips, there were also Stroopwafels, those gloriously syrup filled waffle cookies, a bag of allsorts licorice, and a row of things that seemed to be best suited for late-night raids – mini bottles of alcohol, nuts, condoms and a travel adaptor so as not to miss any important phone calls.


Skipping the vending machine, I went up to the Club Lounge on the 9th floor where I found some tasty cupcakes.


The suite was on the 5th floor, all the way at the end of the hall. Inserting the key in the first door led to a foyer, and the bedroom was to the right.


The room had lots of light and plenty of room.


There were soft pillows and sheets on the bed.


There was a chair in the corner pointed towards the TV.


The TV was on the armoire and there was a large picture window that offered a great view.


To an aviation geek like myself, this was a cool view since I could watch planes take off and land.


Plus, I could do it right from my bed.


The closet had lots of compartments and drawers, though my suitcase was too big to open up inside there.


The bathroom had a tub, separate shower, and just enough counter space.



Amenities were by Sheraton.


Back in the foyer on the way to the sitting room was a small half bath.


The sitting room was furnished nicely with silky feather pillows and lots of seating.


A dining table had seating for four.



There was an interesting Philips sound system that looked like it was connected to the TV, though I didn’t try it out.


There was a large bottle of complimentary Aqua Panna, and another of Pellegrino. A packet of those delicious Stroopwafels was there as well.


Since there were several windows in the sitting area too, I could plane watch from just about everywhere in the suite.


I could also see the comings and goings of passengers.


A thunder and lightning storm rolled in, and the warm and comfortable hotel room offered a cozy vantage point to see it from and watch the pitter-patter of the rain against the windows. The windows are sound proofed though, which means a great night’s sleep.


I went out for the evening and when I returned, I found some cute chocolates on the pillows.


I slept well, and the next morning I went up to the Club Lounge for breakfast. There were lots of breads, and some pastries.


I saw eggs, yogurt, cereals, and yay! More Stroopwafels.


I had my toast in the toaster for some time before realizing that the lever had to be pushed up to toast, not down as I had assumed.


There were little boxes of what looked like chocolate sprinkles to put on the bread.


My good friend Elisabeth Thijssen said, “That’s hagelslag! It’s an important part of any kids breakfast!” I tried some and it sure added some fun to the morning. 


Check out was quick and there weren’t as many people there since it was early in the morning.Stepping just outside I joined travelers with suitcases headed the final few feet to the airport and trains.


It was easy to take the ramp back down into the airport and I was ready to head to my gate.


I would definitely stay here again. It was quiet, clean, the Club Lounge had a good selection, and the views were great!

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center

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Good To Go

- Hotel is the only one inside Schiphol airport
- Some rooms have great views of the runways and airport
- Club Lounge has a good breakfast and evening snacks
- Parking spaces are the closest to the Airport

Good To Know

- Some of the rooms are a bit older
- Construction is going on down in the ground floor for the meeting rooms

How many Magic Stars did this hotel stay earn?

 4.5/5 Magic Stars

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