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I really enjoyed reading all your comments from yesterday’s contest entries and noted that many readers enjoy baking and cooking in the kitchen, when not traveling of course! Today I shared some festive holiday recipes from hotel chefs, so readers can try their hand at some different meals when not on the road.

My favorite hotel chefs are those that really excel at what they do and love to cook, like the breakfast chef at the Hilton Garden Inn Newport News. He turns out delicious and perfectly cooked egg dishes better than those I’ve had at fancy restaurants, and does it with a smile. I can’t say I have a favorite hotel meal (yet!), but I do always appreciate when chefs are willing to cater to my personal food preferences. And, I really need to try those lemon poppyseed pancakes sometime!

Today is Day 3 of Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways.

To enter today’s contest for a chance at some goodies, let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite hotel meal, chef, or dish, or that you’d be happy to win today’s contest.

If you’re just joining now with Day 3 of the Magic of Miles 12 Days of Giveaways, the prizes in the contest are cool indeed. They include a couple GoGo Internet 25 use passes, USPS boxes stuffed with first class airline pajamas and other travel swag, and more!

Today’s Magic of Miles contest ends at 9pm PST tonight so get those entries in. Click here to read full contest details, and good luck!

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  1. Chris

    Favorite hotel meal…..????….I’m thinking about the fabulous Easter brunch at the fantastic Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. Of course, eating there anytime is exceptional…but this was a cut above the norm.

  2. Maria

    maltas national bread pastry

  3. Steve

    I’ve really enjoyed any restaurant attached to a Kimpton: great modern food, local flavors, high quality chefs.

  4. Paul

    DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies

  5. J.

    Marriott breakfast buffet.

  6. J.

    Hoping for a win.

  7. J.

    Lunch salad, Marriott

  8. Robin W.

    Beatrix at the Aloft Chicago hotel was delicious. I had grits with cauliflower, shaved brussel sprouts, and egg that inspired me to branch out with my cooking.

  9. Robin W.

    All of the breakfast buffets at German hotels have exceeded my expectations.

  10. Chris

    I really enjoyed the full Irish breakfast at the Radisson Blu Dublin Hotel.

  11. Robin W.

    I remember a really good Tomato Bisque soup at the Spice Buffet in the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas.

  12. paul v

    The champagne at the JW Marriott South Beach executive lounge! ;P

  13. Joe-SC1

    Yes I do … French Toast breakfast at Sway at Hyatt Regency Louisville. Something about the bread they use makes them special.

  14. Joe-SC1

    Second best for me – room service breakfast at the Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta. Quality and quantity at all-inclusive price.

  15. Joe-SC1

    I’d be happy to win today’s contest. Thank you.

  16. Dan

    Marriott breakfast is definitely my favorite

  17. Jean

    Happy holidays..I would love to win. Thanks for the contest.

  18. Joseph May

    The breakfast at the JW Marriott lounge in Hong Kong.

  19. cnmaz

    I mostly enjoy any free breakfast included with my hotel stay. It is so much easier to have coffee and eat prior to heading out for the day, even if it is just yogurt and fruit.

  20. cnmaz

    I did have an excellent breakfast at the Four Seasons Austin with their avocado toast earlier this year.

  21. cnmaz

    It is so much fun to enter and win prizes in contests. Thank you!

  22. Denise L

    Doubletree cookies

  23. Denise L

    Nice contest. Thanks!

  24. Abhishek D

    I’d be happy to win today’s contest

  25. Denise L

    Had a great 5 course meal at a chateau hotel in the Loire Valley. Can’t remember the name but I can still taste the delicious food.

  26. David

    I a man pretty basic so I enjoy most free breakfasts

    • S. Bradford

      Yes! I totally agree with you on that. I am partial to the ones in Germany but usually like them all.

  27. David

    Thanks for the generous giveaways.

  28. David

    Pick me

  29. Karina

    I don’t really eat at hotel restaurants

  30. mike murphy

    seared tuna at Summer Breeze , patong

  31. Karina

    Would love to win

  32. Karina

    Love your blog

  33. Giant Sis

    I’m usually on a strict budget when I travel, so hotel restaurants don’t usually make the cut! I wish it were different!

  34. Giant Sis

    I’d love to win! My hotel eating is usually snacks I’ve packed with me to save moola.

  35. S. Bradford

    I love the free breakfasts at hotels. In fact that is one of the amenities I always look for in a hotel. Non-smoking, free wi-fi, and free included breakfast. Almost everything else is negotiable except for those three things.

  36. Giant Sis

    I love free breakfasts at hotels! And Drury Inns has free dinner and (even alcoholic) drinks in the evenings!

  37. S. Bradford

    Probably the top hotel plate of awesomeness ever is the Texas shaped make-your-own waffle you get to make at breakfast at various hotels across that state. Sadly after you make your fantastic waffle you have to place it on the very environmentally unfriendly styrofoam plates they provide (seriously there is no reason anyone should use the stuff anymore.)

  38. S. Bradford

    I would be super mega-thrilled to win anything travel related. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  39. Ricky

    Wish I could say I had a favorite! Just be happy to win 🙂

  40. Jonathan

    Michel Bras resort in France. Good with Kids, good with couples. 3 michelin stars but not stuffy at all. All rooms made of stone, steel, and glass and have private views. Pretty great place!

  41. Steve

    Thanks for providing a chance to win! Hotels with free breakfast i.e. hilton hotel partners are the way to go!

  42. Jerome

    A wn would be a great way to end the week! First time visitor to the site.

  43. Val

    The best hotel breakfasts includes pancakes or crepes with fruit 🙂

  44. JRG

    Hamburgers anytime any meal!

  45. Ed

    Hilton Garden Inn omelette are great.

  46. Greg T

    Most any free breakfast after booking with points!

  47. Greg T

    Free Internet passes would be great for flights from Houston to Bostton!

  48. Sidney cook

    Club sandwiches from room service.

  49. Sidney cook

    Sacher torte in vienna

  50. Sidney cook

    Escargots on cruise ships

  51. rmh

    i love the self-make waffle thingys at the breakfast buffets. i never eat waffles…unless at a hotel breakfast buffet!

  52. rmh

    i am happy to enter the contest and happy you do this.

  53. rmh

    oh. and yes, the poppy seed pancakes!

  54. Rich

    Lemon ricotta pancakes

  55. kodoma

    I don’t really stay anywhere fancy when I travel for work, but I do like the tomato bisque soup at Hyatt Place on nights when I don’t want to go out.

  56. kodoma

    I just remembered that years ago on my (one and only) trip to the UK, we stayed at the Sheraton where you could see the castle on the hill. We ate in the lounge every night because the food was so good! Lots of variety too. It was a real treat!

  57. Madeleine Lovella

    The Conrad Hilton in Hong Kong has fantastic Sunday Brunch.

  58. martin

    We were lucky enough to be invited to lunch at the wonderful Lake Palace in Udaipur. Couldn’t afford to stay there !
    If you are not a guest at the Palace you cant just book lunch at the restaurant so were very pleased indeed.

  59. Doreen Drew

    Good coffee at breakfast in a hotel is a treat

  60. Neeha Agarwal

    The executive level macaroons at ritz Carlton in key Biscayne, FL are to die for.