Magic of Miles

11 of the Wackiest Travel Gadgets You Don’t Need

This is a great way to keep people away. Even if they ask you if the seat next to yours is taken, you’ll never be able to get the Ostrich Pillow over your neck in time to see and answer. CNBC says, ““The more people hear about it and then see it on people, the more likely they are to buy it.” Is that a dare? You go first! No, you!

Magic in Japan: Day Trip to Miyajima

Traipsing down the path I came to a halt as one nimble deer followed by another leapt across my path and folded themselves up delicately to take a nap in the sunshine. I quietly snuck out my camera and was busy snapping away before I saw another deer out of the corner of my eye…and another.

Magic in Japan: Park Hyatt Tokyo Revisited

After Kyoto I couldn’t resist sneaking in a night at the famed Park Hyatt Tokyo before heading to Hiroshima. I’ve stayed there many times before as I figure many readers have, but it is a favorite of mine. The outstanding staff, suite and breakfast all blend together for a fantastic stay. To me it is one of the top aspirational chain properties in the world that is absolutely worth the stay, if even for one visit or night.

Room Service Review: Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

After a quick nap that turned into a longer slumber, I called down to order some Tempura and Udon noodles for dinner. There was no separate button on the phone for room service, so I just called the operator who transferred me. Unfortunately, the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto’s highly-rated Mizun restaurant had closed at 9:30pm and it was 9:45. Drat, I had just missed it.

Magic in Japan: Day 2 in Kyoto

A coffee shop is not always just a coffee shop in Japan. There’s Moomin cafe, where solo diners can sip a beverage seated next to a huge life-sized stuffed animal so they don’t feel lonely (either the stuffed animal or the patron). Then there are the super popular animal cafes. You pay a small cover charge, and once inside you can pet and play with the animals to your heart’s content.

Magic in Japan: Day 1 in Kyoto

It was cool and misty, and people walked quietly through the torii, stopping to take selfies and pictures of their friends making peace symbols with their fingers. Tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet called a bird softly in the distance, and there was something calming about following the winding paths.

RItz-Carlton Tahoe: Revisited

Sliding under the covers I got ready to turn out the light, but my husband felt that something wasn’t right with the sheet at the end of the bed. The sheets were luxuriously soft but maybe the sheet was just bunched up, and we pulled down the cover to take a look.

Hotel Review: Hilton Garden Inn Napa

Most Hilton Garden Inn’s aren’t my first choice when it comes to hotels. The Hilton Garden Inn Napa is a pleasant exception though. Good To Go+ Breakfast was delicious, especially the crepes + Customer service was helpful and guest oriented + Room was large, clean and comfortableGood To Know- Air conditioning panel thumped against the […]